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Ghost stories have been told all over the world since ancient times.  Such tales to tell on a cold dark night whilst sat around an open campfire, maybe you believe them, maybe you don´t, but regardless of your thoughts on the matter, whether real or not, these stories are no less chilling. Here are some creepy examples:

It occurred some years ago. A man called Lucas resided in the north of Malaga, while his friend, a former classmate Mr. Gomez, lived in Toledo.  This friendship led them to visit each other`s house from time to time, but for Lucas there was a deep shadow of sorrow over these otherwise happy moments, for, while he enjoyed the most enlightened religious opinions, his friend was an unbeliever. The last time they were together, Mr. Gomez said; “My dear friend, let us solemnly promise that whichever of us die first shall appear to the other after death, if is be possible”. “Let it be so, if God will”, replied Lucas. One morning some time after, about three o´clock, the latter was awakened by a brilliant light in his bedroom; he imagined that the house must be on fire, when he felt what seemed to be a hand laid on him, and heard his friend´s voice say distinctly, “there is a God, just but terrible in His judgements”, and all again was dark. Lucas at once wrote down his remarkable experience. Two hours later he received a phone call announcing Mr. Gomez`s death on the hour that he had seen the light on his room.

In a boarding school in Campillos several years ago two of the boarders were sleeping in a large bedroom with two doors. About one o´clock in the morning the girls were awaken by the entrance of a tall figure in clerical attire, the face of which they did not see. They screaming in fright, but the figure moved in a slow and stately manner past their bed and out the other door. It also appeared other students, and seemed to be looking for someone. At length it reached the bed of ne who was evidently known to it. The girl woke up and recognized her uncle. He did not speak, but gazed for a few moments at his niece, and then vanished. Next morning a message was handed to her, which communicated the sad news that her uncle had died on the previous evening at the hour when he appeared to her.

My last story happened a long hell time ago near Antequera; Juan Garcia attested the apparition of a headless coach. The story was told by his grandson to their respective children who told it to me. They had sent for the Doctor, and were waiting his arrival in the dusk. As they sat on the steps they suddenly heard a heavy rumbling, and saw a huge dark coach drive into the paved court before the door. One of them went down to meet the Doctor, but the coach swept past him, and drove down the street, which went straight between the fences and hedges to a gate. Two of the young man run after the coach, which they could hear rumbling before them, and suddenly came full tilt against the street gate. The noise had stopped, and they were surprised at not finding the carriage. The gate proved to be locked, and when they at last awoke the lodge-keeper he showed them the keys under his pillow. The Doctor arrived a little later, but could do nothing, and the sick died a few hours afterwards.
Apparently the headless coaches must be distinguished from the phantom vehicles, of which numerous tales are also told. The first are harbingers of death, and in this connection are very often attached to certain families; the later appear to be spectral phenomena pure and simple, whose appearances does not necessary bring death or evil.

In closing, these strange occurrences, true or not, are to be told and retold till the end of time. Partly because who doesn´t love sitting around the campfire, enthralled in a chilling story, waiting on the edge of your seat to hear what happens next? I do and it´s not a Halloween thing, either. Spooky stories are great at any time of the year. Don´t you think?

Sergio Calle Llorens

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