lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018


Beale Street is dead, and Elvis Presley is dead. A history race forward and replaces the sounds of one era with those of another, but the memories remain. The spirit of the people remains, and the sounds which they created will a part of our musical heritage for as long as there are those who care.  Memphis, I guess, was a very interesting city. I was never there in the days of Beale street fames, but I wish I had been because even the ruins of the once-famous street are exciting. I also wish I had attended an Elvis Presley concert but I was just a boy when the King passed away.  Anyway, there is a lesson to be learnt by all; his dedication and love for the music. Elvis poured everything into the performance. It was just sublime.  I was late for Mr. Presley, but I have attended some of the best concerts in the history of music; Queen and Michael Jackson in Marbella, Rolling Stones at the old Wembley stadium and James Brown at the Malagueta ring bull.

I totally agree with Bob Geldof- it’s the only way I shared his thoughts on something- when he said: “Queen knew that live aid was all about he handed them the stage and the rest is history”. Freddie, like in all his concerts, had the crowd in the palm of his hand. I heard somebody saying that they were stealing the show and they did. Without any doubt, Queen was the band of the day and there will never be another band like Queen and there will never be another singer like Freddie Mercury. They electrified every concert; ¡What a hunk!! What a voice! If anyone knows something better I would love to see it. Go to YouTube and look for yourself; look how he is playing with the audience. That’s a real connection. Artist these days don´t do this anymore. They don’t have the charisma not the talent. Nowadays they go to Justin Bieber. A bimbo with no brain.  Freddie was right; “A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It´s a theatrical event”.  He also knew he was a Rock star and now it seems that everyone agree with him. But I disagree because he, like Elvis, is not just a Rock and Roll star; he is a fucking legend and I wish he could come back from the other side and perform again.  I can´t help imagining the reactions of the snowflake generation.This last thought put a big smile on my face.

¡ Thanks again Freddie!

Sergio Calle Llorens

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