jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017


There`s something magical about Stephen Curry where opposing fans can´t help but smile when he buries their team with insane long distance shots. There`s something unique about this genius career highlight reel. There`s something beyond logic when he, as usual, is the mastermind in the offense and defense. But you can hear people saying calm down is just a loser team but what they don´t understand is that no other shooter was capable of doing something like this on any team. Well it`s true that Kobe Bryan, Ray Allen and my beloved Larry Bird were able to perform almost like Mr Curry but not like him. The only thing that he is missing, not like a player, but as a member of Golden State Warriors, is his ability to lead his teammates to victory; I mean The NBA championships. There´s no need to remember here what Bird of Bryan did for Celtics and Lakers to crash their opponents in their NBA finals.

For some fellas, Stephen Curry- the most electifying player ever- got nothing more to prove but I am convinced that he, who has been underestimated for most of his career, must win the NBA for once and for all. The 2017 NBA title odds does not look that bad to me. So my money is on Golden State. Hopefully San Francisco´s victory would be poetic justice- the best way to make us forget about last season disappointment-  and sweet music to my ears. Even though, my heart belongs to Celtic Boston. 

¡Come on Stephen!

Sergio Calle Llorens

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