jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016


Let me tell you something my friend; you have the right to believe whatever you want and everyone else, including me, has the right to ridicule what you believe, and those ridiculers should not be dragged to the gallows or turn into the media´s latest leper simply for speaking their minds. Got it? It would be a good thing to emancipate yourself, as the song goes, from mental slavery.

No idea or belief or God or prophet, especially yours, is above mocking. This is the nature of free society. If you don’t understand this, you must be from another planet, sometimes I wish you are but, then again, let me tell you that your stupid religion is not sacred. In fact there`s no sacred religion. Free speech is far more sacred because when is attacked there are more at risk that hurting other people`s feelings. Another thing; why are you so easily offended?

Sorry mate but we can´t sell our civilization to a bunch of goat-fuckers and I wish, or how I wish, you could understand this. I know that from telling you the truth you could have a tantrum again. I understand why; you find the truth about your religion offensive but, of course, somebody should have told you the truth before; Mohammed was an impostor, the master of deception. A violent man. The sooner you know his real essence the better.

Nowadays there is a tendency, maybe it is even trendy, to say that Islam has nothing to do with violence and terrorism. For some, including Pope Francisco, your religion has even nothing to do with Islam. Good try but I am not buying it. The thing is that some of us haven´t abandoned our bravery to face you. How do you feel about this? I guess you must be feeling more offended by words than by prosecuting innocent people in the name of your religion.

Let`s put it this way; Islam and Western values are incompatible. To say so should not be a crime.  I know you have found some understanding among those retarded westerners who simply look the other way when it comes to your religion. For others, like me and other liberal Westerners, freedom of speech is a basic human right. People has fought and died for it. The problem, well it is for us but not for you, a generation is being raised not to believe in freedom of speech but rather they should have freedom from speech. In another words; we are victims of political correctness.  It’s a shame that highly restricted new codes have been implemented in society. Some are afraid that freedom of speech could trigger some negative emotional response from you. This way, some coward westerners feel better and maybe more secure. But they don´t know that Muslims like you are offended from a Christmas tree to a Danish cartoon.

Our society freedom of Speech not freedom from speech and, most importantly, brave people like me. And in order to prove it,  I have decided to share with you this poem of mine.

Merry Christmas

Dear Mohamed

Do you agree to burn that fascist device?
Known by everyone as the terrible burka
Or your followers will burn Majorca
Please let me know what is the price?

You always aim for the balls
But you don´t always hit it
I guess you don’t have the wit
You will not see the West falls

Let´s see I don’t tell anyone
That it was you and not Saint Gabriel
Who wrote the book for everyone?

Will you be willing to leave us alone?
What? Are you saying it was dictated by Allah?
Sorry mate but; who the fuck is Allan?

*This poem is part of my collection of Poetry- Saoirse: Poesía Libertaría

Sergio Calle Llorens

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