viernes, 12 de julio de 2013


I believe in the moon because I believe in you and nobody else.
I believe that the moon of my delight who known’s no wane
I believe that your touch will not be in vain

I believe in the moonlight is the passage to your secret realm
I believe in your hair what divides what is false and true
I believe in your vision as a secret and old psalm

I believe in the book of Zohar, in a woman and in a bottle of wine
I believe in the Mediterranean, the host of the paradise of mine
I believe in the starts shining above will never expire

I believe in the lost races of Abraham because
I don’t have time to embrace a lost cause

I believe in tomorrow’s silence for all

I believe I can find the key to fight your will
I believe you can’t help it anymore
I believe you need it even more

I believe in the sounds of the silence
You believe in the silence of the sounds
Dark forests and old nightmares

I believe in the Celtic realm
Where Banshees and leprechauns can be found
Without fear to approach the mound

I believe Tomorrow’s silence is triumph
And never regret or painful despair

I believe you will drink in my bed

Sergio Calle Llorens

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