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The primary reason Germany lost the war, a conflict they would have won, was that Adolf Hitler always prioritized his ideology instead of taking the best interest of the III Reich. He saw the war in ideological terms rather than in strategic one such as Bismarck would have done. It’s a pattern that explains everything.

Right at the beginning of operation Sea lion- German invasion of Britain- Hitler only had 42 U-Boat submarines. If he had had 140 like at the end of the war, he would have been able to strangle Great Britain. But he never thought was necessary partly because he believed in this Anglo- Saxon union even though he fought the British in the First world war.

The final battle against communists was not driven by strategist. It is true that the initial victories of the Nazis over Soviet forces were astonishing but because of ideology he was incapable of seeing the necessity of strategic withdrawn.

He appointed General based on their political loyalty to him and to his ideology rather to the capability as military men. As a result, the most fanatical Nazi Generals were in charge. Once again ideology trumped the best interest of the country.

When the Werchmat entered Ukraine the elderly welcomed them wearing their traditional costumes. Let´s remember that 2 millions of Ukrainians were starved to death in an artificial famine produced by Stalin and yet Hitler could not grant Slavic autonomy. Had he turn the Ukrainians against the Soviet Union, everything would have been possible.

When the Russians winter in 1941 closed in Hitler assumption of victory resulted in the German forces did not have the right clothes and equipment to face General Winter. He did not even think of providing the German soldiers with the right clothes.

Hitler believed that America was run by Jews and black people- considered inferior by him- so when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he declared the war on the US. In his mind was clear that America could not run a war properly. It goes without saying that most of the Senior Nazis did not know America. In fact, only Ribbentrop visited the country when he was trying to sell Champagne in New York.  According to Hitler the deployment of American forces in the Western front would not have before 1970.

In June 1941- Operation Barbarossa- if Hitler had coordinated the attack with the Japanese and if Japan had attacked Russia from the east, it would have been impossible for Stalin to defend Moscow and ultimately the Soviet Union had lost the war. The Germans and the Japanese fought completely different ward happen to be occurring at the same time. They did not help each other. They did not coordinate with each other and they did not exchange sensitive information. As the result of that; both countries lost their respective wars.

Between 1936 and 1943 Hitler killed most of the most intelligent people Germany got. It made no sense whatsoever but it meant everything to him. It was part of “his final solution”. This way he lost all liberal minded and the most prominent scientists. When the Military assistant of Winston Churchill was asked why Hitler lost the war, he simply replied; “Because we had better German scientists that Germany had”.  I could not agree more.

Ideology killed Hitler´s dreams.

Sergio Calle Llorens

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