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The following story of an occurrence near my hometown is sent me by a lady who is a very firm believer in ghosts. On a fine night some years ago two sisters were returning home from the theatre. They were walking along a very lonely part of a road about two miles beyond the tram terminus, and where chatting gaily as they went, when suddenly the heard the “clink, clink” of a chain coming towards them. At first they thought it was an animal which had got loose and dragging its chain along the ground. But they could see nothing, and could hear no noise but the clink of the chain, although the road was clear and straight. Nearer and nearer came the noise, gradually getting louder, and it passed them closely they distinctly felt a blast or whiff of air. They were paralyzed with an indefinable fear, and were scarcely able to drag themselves along the remaining quarter of a mile to their house. The elder of the two was in very bad health, and the other had almost to carry her. Immediately she entered the house, she collapsed, and had to be revived with brandy. An old woman, it seems, had been murdered for her savings by a tramp near the spot where this strange occurrence took place, and it is thought that there is a connection between the crime and the haunting of this part of the road.

Churchyards are considered to be hunting grounds of all sorts and conditions of ghosts. People who would on all other occasions when the necessary arises, prove themselves to be possessed of at any rate a normal amount of courage, turn pale and shiver at the thought of having to pass through a cemetery at dead of night.  I have a fairly collection of account of haunted churchyard and today, of course, I am going to share with you:

During the winter of 1998, he writes, “I attended a soirée about five miles from here. I was walking on my way home about 11:30 P.M. I had to pass by the old ruins and burial ground of Cemetery San Miguel. The road led round by two sides of the churchyard. It was a bright moonlight night. As I passed the cemetery, I saw what I took to be a policeman in a long overcoat; he was walking from the centre of the churchyard towards the corner, and as far I could see, would be at the corner by the time I would reach it, and we would meet. Quite suddenly, however, he disappeared, and I could see no trace of him. Soon after I overtook a man who had left the meeting before me. I expressed wonder what he had not been farther on, and he explained that he went a “roundabout” way to avoid passing the old cemetery, and he did not want to see “The Monk”. On questioning him, he told me that a monk was often seen in the churchyard”.

I can guarantee to you that Cemetery San Miguel is one of the most haunted places in the Region of Malaga and, of course, you should not miss it. If you dare to walk there after dark.

Sergio Calle Llorens

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