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Mindhunter is about two FBI agents who interview some of the most violent criminals in the country in order to get a better understanding for who they are, and why they did what they did, so they can develop profiles to help them to catch other violent criminals. The show is, of course, based on John Douglas book Mindhunter. He was part of the FBI Behavior science unit. Like in the show, he created the Criminal Profiling programme which involved the most notorious American Serial- Killers of the time like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, the Boston Strangler and Ed kemper who killed, as a teenager, both of his grandparents before he went on to murder his mother and her best friend. He was known as the Co. Ed Killer for his habit of murdering university students. Groff, played in the show by a stunning John Groff, said he came in with research like crazy, and had a very specific idea of what he wanted to do. He is said to be a polite, intelligent man: “one of the brightest criminals he ever interviewed. According to his own account, he regularly engaged in necrophilia and claimed to have consumed the flesh of at least one of his victims.

The most fascinating part of the series is how Hott Macallanny as Bill Tench, the man who coined the term serial killer, developed the best way to hunt the fears and the reasons behind the criminal minds. But another question arises; the connection between a given numbers of cases of child abuse later produces the same number of murderers. So far, the connection between abuse of children and infants and later acts of murder has scarcely been noted by criminologists or even by the majority of psychologists. Because, let´s face it, they were not usually born criminals. So that’s why the series is so fascinating, not only from the perspective of the main characters- it was about time for me to write that Anna Torv is splendid as Wendy Carr, but also from the perspective of the Serial killers and their motivations.

Like they say in the States; Crime is revealing but I never thought that this masterpiece could provide us so many clues for the better understanding of Serial Killers. Actually I can´t wait for Season 2. By the way, it´s dark outside and I wonder how many of these monsters are out there. Creepy. Did you hear that knock on your door?

Sergio Calle Llorens

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