lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014


Every time you turn on the TV to news of another corruption case is a socialist member. Obviously, no matter how many times our fellow socialist make it clear that that they are the one to fear, it simply fails to register. Every time they catch a thief, is a member of the Union- UGT- or the socialist sect. So why don`t you run like hell when you see socialist comming in your direction?

It`s quite odd that, despite the fact that most crimes are committed by socialists, faces of the guys of the oppositon are usually attached to what we think of a crime. And what I mean by crime is, of course, corruption, the andalusian way.

How does the brain process a fear like this, when everything it says the opposite? Are andalusian brains hardwired to see one thing but believe the opposite because of the political colour? If every time the sun was out it was nice and bright and clear, but your brain told you to stay inside becasue it looked definitevely like a storm was brewing, well, we might encourage you to seek proffesional help. Are the andalusian who see conservative boogyman around every corner any different? Are they right in the hand? are they more illiterate that the rest of the Spaniards? I only have questions and a few answers.

I think that any fair person would conclude that the will of the people of Andalusia clearly went a very strange way. There are only a few of the measures we can take to stage our countercoup. Whetever you do it as a liberal or a conservative, or just one pissed-off citizen, the important thing is to rise up and do it. It`s time to put an end to this andalusian misery.

Sergio Calle Llorens

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