domingo, 20 de enero de 2013


The forest, that tangled web of enchantment as it has been described, has for millennia inspired the weaving of myths and legends. Past generationshave believed its deep and solemn shadows to harbour numerous creatures, demonds and wood nymphs, fairies and witches. Forests were also vital to the rituals and beliefs of many religions; the sacred Groves of the Druids, the Forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the arabian zakkum tree planted to torment the wicked.

The forest if full of romance, mysterious voices echo in the shadowy glades, filmy glide along them, and consequently forests throughout the world have become the theatre of superstition and of miraculous events; while round many of the trees of the forest legend has spreads its imaginary lore.

A legend connected with the forest of Dooros in Sligo tells how the rowan tree was believed to grow in Fairyland, in in passing through teh Wood of Dooros one of them fell to the ground unnotticed or unheeded by the Fairy Host. From this berry a great tree sprang up which had all the virtues of those Rowan trees which grow in Fairyland. Its berried tasted of honey, and those who ate them became very cheerful as if they had partaken of wine and even a centenarian, if he ate three of them. The tree was guarded, according to the tradition, by a giant called Sharvan and no one ventured to approach the wood, so greatly was he dreaded. Consecuently for many miles around the tree the country was practically wilderness. A haunted place where I hide all my secrets. A place for the chosen ones. Maybe one day, you will understand the nature of my writings.

Sergio Calle Llorens

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