lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


Most of my English speaking friends ask me why I am against the Junta de Andalucia. The answer is always the same; the regional government comes to Malaga to rule and to take but never to give. We, as citizens of Spain, do not have to pay more taxes to support hopeless politicians. People who are responsible for the corruption in Andalusia. In another words, Junta de Andalucía cant solve anything because if part of the problem. Its time to move on, its time to get rid of the Andalusian administration.

Most of the time my friends agree with me. They think that the Andalusian establishment is formed by probably the world's most incompetent bureaucrats. People who are vacuum themselves. The opposite of an exceptional human beings. Retarded people ideal for the job of Andalusian MP, where no intellectual initiative is required.

So the foreign community in Malaga is eager to contribute to the development of the province. They consider Malaga as their own land now. Therefore, they are with us, they do not ask me why we are against the regional government, they simply understand that something has to be done. So from now on I am going to write some articles in English. Works related with Malaga. This way our international friends can know from an independent source, whats going on in here.

Its time to end the lies, because all too often the fear of one lie give birth to another lie, in the foolish hope that by protecting ourselves from the first lie, we will be protected from lies in general. But a lie can not protect us from a lie. Those who falsify history do not protect the freedom of a nation but rather constitute a threat to it.

So the foreign community in Malaga must know that we are more than 2 millions living in the province, or that the Junta never had the intention to build the train in the Costa del Sol- Tren litoral- So from time to time my articles will be dealing with those issues. I will denounce the people ruling over us. Meanwhile, I hope you avoid the company of the Andalusian politicians, because who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas.

Sergio Calle Llorens

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